Courant Petit Spa

At Courant Petit I have a variety of different combo facials and treatments!

Any treatment for every types of skin! Pevonia products are used in the Spa, all natural no perfumes or drying agents!

All facials include neck & shoulder treatment, arm & hand treatment, eye mask treatment and serum!

We are excited to introduce the "Geisha Facial!" Other facials we provide are

Geisha Facial

The latest facial out of NY, this facial shrinks pores,exfoliates dead skin cells and brightens the face.  One of the most beautiful facial available on the market today.  I have given this facial to the employees and fellow workers at Forever Young Med Spa and it has been the best facial they have ever gotten!

Spa Facials

Basic Spa Facial

There are several types of Spa Facials!  Courant Petit has a facial and line for every type of skin.  I have facials for Sensitive skin, Dry skin,

Oily skin, Problematic skin, Teen skin, Combination skin, and Rosacea skin.

With the spa facial you will receive an evaluation of your skin, treatment line for skin, extractions if wanted, and aroma oils used according to your skin type!

Deep Cleaning Facial

A deep cleaning facial is a basic spa facial with a process called “galvanic current” added.  I use a desincrustation gel with this process. This allows the pores to be opened and the gel put deep down into them and then closes the pore.  This will allow extraction to be taken to a deeper level.  Great facial for oily, problematic, teen skin!

Skin Repair Facial

A Facial that is used for wrinkles, lack of elasticity, and enlarged pores.  “Glavanic Current” is used for this facial along with an ampoule of collagen, elastin or d.n.a.

Mens Facial

Because of the habits that most men have with skin care, my mens facial products are high end with the mens line.  The line is caviar and very hydrating for the skin!  Best used for sensitive skin but all skin types benefit from the facial.  Good for razor burn and men prone to folliculitis!

Anti-Free Radicals Facial

This facial has a hard lift off mask.  It is good for all types of skin with dry tendency.  THe benefits of this facial is revitalizes, nourishes skin, eases excessive dryness, and smoothes fine lines.

Myoxy-Caviar Facial

A hard lift off mask and great for all mature skin types.  It has the benefits to deeply repair and replenishes skin.  Also, smoothes wrinkles, strengthens elasticity, and provides immediate radiance!

Skinfit Facial

This is a soft lift off mask.  Good for anti-aging and all skin types it is extended to the Mens Facial!  Benefits are repairing, nourishing, wrinkle smoothing, strengthens elasticity, and provides immediate radiance, rejuvenation to the skin!

RS2 Rosacea Facial

A hard lift off mask, good for all micro-circulation skin types.  This is a high-end facial with benefits for vasco-constrictors, desensitizes, diffuses redness, reduces skin heat, and strengthens, heals capillaries!

Plantomer Facial

Soft lift-off mask, good for all skin types, especially sensitive!  This facial hydrates, heals and cools.  It reduces redness, vasco-constrictor and is excellent for micro-circulation problems!

Luminous “C” and “Sea” Facial

A soft lift-off mask that is good for all skin types except acne!  Benefits of this facial are it is an anti-oxidant, anti-free radical facial that reduces fine lines and wrinkles!  Also, increases skin’s elasticity, leaves skin absolutely radiant!

Oxy-Vital Facial

Great for sensitive and super sensitive skin!  Good for post-operative:

laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, and acid peels.  Facial benefits are: diffuses redness, oxygenating, healing!

Elasto-Firm Facial

Good facial for all types of skin with lack of elasticity!  This facial is great for increasing skin’s firmness, increases skin’s suppleness, deeply hydrating and an excellent post-surgical treatment!

Galvanic Current Facials

This facial is a spa facial with galvanic current added to it!   The benefits of these facials is the ability to open the pores with current and putting an ampoule deep in the pores and then closing the pores to seal in product!  The different types of ampoules I have are:  Complexe collagen, complexe d.n.a., complexe elastine, “C” complexe, propolis concentrate, soothing formula, vitaminic concentrate.  A great add on to spa facials!

Oxygenating Facial

Good for all types of skin, except sensitive.  Benefits are it activates skin’s surface, promotes better absorbency, and oxygenating!

Back Facials

Great for all types of skin!  For this facial you have a choices!  You can choose a back facial, or a back facial with extractions, or a back facial with a microdermabrasion!  All three have benefits!  One of the best treatments you can do for yourself, and those hard to reach places.  Resurface the skin for a fresh layer!

Microderm Abrasions

One of the best treatments to add to your spa facial is a microderm abrasion!  This allows a new layer of skin to be treated along with extractions.  It is recommended to add this on!

Hydrating Microderm Abrasion

This is a microderm with hydration added.  I use oils just for your skin type after the microderm and massage them in on the new layer of skin!  It is a beautiful treatment, and the best treatment for hydration!  Good for all types of skin except server rosacea.

Lacto-Flora Peel

This process should be done twice a year.  It is suggested in the spring and fall time, reason being the less likely hood of direct sunlight!  It is treatment done twice a week for three weeks.  The lacto-flora is a 30% peel.  Also, there is a Floracide Exfoliant peel it the lacto-flora is to strong for your skin.

You may also add on Eye and Lip treatments to any facial or by themselves.

We off a large variety of services! Come and enjoy one!